WDTV Live HD "Unable to obtain IP"

Hi to all

I am owner of WDTV Live HD quite a long now and since i bought it i had no problem at all until few days ago

My WDTV just can connect to my network, can’t obtain any IP address, when i switch it on it tries and for a sec i see in my rooter that some network device is connected but after a while no sign of network activity at all

my case is very similar to this problem http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Networking/WDTV-Live-unable-to-obtain-working-IP-address-while-other/td-p/4998 (i get the same IP when i switch it on )

is there any solution about this problem because that i cant return it anymore (i think that guarantee is no longer valid)

What if you manually set the network settings?

neither manually nor auto setting works,

Besides the network problem i discovered another issue, when watching a movie from a usb stick, after 20-30 minutes watching it just goes blank screen on TV and the wd dont respond to  anything else, only unpluging from power, then i continue watching the movie and this time the freeze occurs much faster than before. I am guessing that its overheating problem but why it appeared now after one and half year of flawlessly working?

Anyway luckily for me i found out that i have it less than 2 years so i took it back to the store yesterday to check it.