WDTV and Windows 8.1

Help, folks.  Please!

I bought the new WDTV and I am unable to connect to one of my Windows 8.1 machines.  I did connect when I first got this new dell computer, but I took the computer to school at my local college.  I connected to the Wi-Fi on campus and when I got home I was no longer able to view the Dell on network shares.  I am able to copy files to the HDD attached to the WDTV and I am also  able to ping it .  In other words, I can see the WDTV from the computer, just not the computer from the media player.  I have looked into my firewall and found nothing strange.  I even turned my firewall off to no avail.  I have replaced cables and switch.  Can anyone tell me of anything I have mssed?

I really need your assistance.

Thank you.

Are you sure you’re in the same workgroup (not homegroup)?

I am having the same issue.  However, I have got it to see the network WORKGROUP, just none of the shares on Windows 8.1  HELP!!!

I also don’t seem to be able to connect to the box by IP adress through a web browser.

Can you ping it? What happens when you turn off your antivirus temporarily.