WDMyCloud backup to 'the cloud'?

I there a back up of my files? … If my WDMyCloud 6TB drive fails, or the house burns down…
will I loose all my files, are they backed up somewhere in the “real Cloud” by WD?
Can I set this up on my dashboard… ?
or do I need to link my WDMCloud drive to a Drop box account of some sort…?
Thanks! I would hate to loose all my files and photos!

@PatWest See the definition of a ***Backup***.

Here is a link to more information about the WD My Cloud and the User Manuals for both the 1st and 2nd generation My Clouds.


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@PatWest, as Cat0w indicates read the My Cloud User Manual for your device/generation. The single bay/single drive My Cloud has a My Cloud Desktop feature called Safepoint or Backup depending on which firmware version you are using. This feature will backup the My Cloud to a USB drive attached to the My Cloud’s USB port.

Unofficially there are a number of methods to copy the contents of a My Cloud device to another location. Most involve using SSH to modify the firmware files or to use Linux Rsync to copy files to another location.

Or one can use software (like Free File Sync) on their computer to automate the coping of files on the My Cloud to another location on their local network.

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This is a deep topic.

What are you expecting as an answer? Hope you brought a chair and a snack.

Fundamentally, the Myclouds comprise a single disk drive with a network adapter. A NAS is a bunch of drives with a network adapter. What type of “backup” are you looking to have?

In direct answer to your question, the single bay MyClouds are simply a “drive on the network”. It can be PART of your backup equation - but can’t be the ENTIRE solution. Can you backup to the cloud? (i.e. a WD site, or Google, or Microsoft). SURE. . . . but that has it’s own issues. And no. . .you didn’t buy that service with the WD cloud product.

So. . .putting on my best Tin-Foil hat. . . .here is MY solution (your mileage will vary)

  • All data on a drive.
  • a MyCloud device at Home for convenience. It provides quick and routine backup - - and streaming!
  • a drive in my office (i.e. not home) with data a few months old.
  • older drives that I stopped using (that has “all my data”, but is a few years old)

Yes. . .that DOES mean I have at least four copies of much of my stuff. I don’t like losing data :slight_smile:

This is how I got to this solution;

  • A single drive can fail. Especially since I am on planes regularly flying to semi-dodgy places. I do not fear my laptop being stolen (or lost) when travelling.

  • A NAS is nice. . . .but there are lots of single element components in my dual drive NAS (i.e. the network boards, power supply etc.). The drives are the most likely component to fail. It’s not the only component that can fail. And no. . . .you can’t simply buy any-old NAS and expect your drives to work.

  • A fire or flood can wipe out your house in one shot.

  • A software update from WD or Microsoft can easily wipe out a device. There are threads here are full of stories about how firmware updates have bricked WD MyCloud devices. I have personally had a Win10 machine compromised semi-fatally by a “simple” non-optional routine upgrade. Thanks Microsoft!

  • A virus can easily wipe out a computer . . . . or with a bit more misfortune. . a NAS.

  • I trust the cloud as far as I can throw it. I am going to give someone who has a profit motive my data? Yeah. . . .sign me up. I need 5 TB. How much does that cost? Ok. . .the prices is $20/month now. What will the cost be a year from now, after they have all my data? Have you read any EndUserLicenseAgreements lately? I bet you will find that not only will they not guarantee your data. . I bet you forfeit ownership upon upload.

  • I don’t trust myself completely. Did I really delete that file? Oh- - - I corrupted that file two weeks ago, and how many times have I backed up the corrupted file?

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