WDC Green Questions


recently my WDC Black harddrive have some problems (i’ve asked the problem in here) so i’m looking to buy another WD drive to replace it. and then i’ve found WDC Green WD20EARS. But before buying this drive, i have a few questions to make sure this is the right harddrive for me.

What does IntelliPower means? i’ve searched wdc.com but i don’t find any explanations about it.

i found someone on other forums saying a WD drive with IntelliPower is spinning at 5400-5900 RPM, the other one saying it’s 5400-7200 RPM. i’m waiting the answer from you guys.

What about Advanced Format? is it true that WD20EARS have this feature? i’ve read on wikipedia that Advanced Format increases sector size to 4096 KB. But then i read a physical specs at Product List listing this harddrive having total 3,907,029,168 sectors, that means 512 bytes / sector, so which one is right? 

Hi yes intelipower gives 5400-5900 RPM. There is no way a green drive will keep up in speed with the black wd your wd black drive has a 5 year warranty rma the drive.

Green drive will slowdown your system, use it only for storage

ok, WDC Green won’t be my choice then.

i’ll try to contact the WD distributor in my town to RMA the WDC Black.

thanks for your help!