Something fishy with my WDC Green 2TB


First time posting here. I need suggestion regarding  Load/Unload Cycle Count value for my WDC Green 2TB.  It’s normal ? SMARTr.png

yes its normal

youcan change it with wdidle tool :slight_smile:

read load unload cycle count in google

I already disable the wdidle feature. It’s OK ?

BTW after a couple of hours when I check to everest again I can detect WDC WD20EARS in SMART :neutral_face:

if you disable it the value only will change when you power off and turn on he computer :slight_smile:

 almost one million head parks O.o

your hdd seems to be working fine,  no errors what so ever on smart :wink:

most people make a bigger issue out of the head park count than they should, but yours is a little high.  I would get a hold of the wd idle and change how often it parks.