Caviar GREEN WD10EARS-00Y5B1 "Load cycle count"


i’m an italian boy, i bought this HD some months ago and i read on the web that this HD have some problems with the value “LOAD CYCLE COUNT” on the SMART utility. I have this value on 21708 with POWER ON HOURS COUNT on value 2858. It’s all ok? Is the load cycle count a bit high? I divide this HD in three partitions:

50GB S.O. WINDOWS 7 x64

500GB Data

400GB Data

I want to buy another HD the same model for only Data. You recommanded me to buy it? The “LOAD CYCLE COUNT” increases in value if i used the HD for Data?

ByeBye :slight_smile:

Hi there!!

The documentation for that drive shows a lifespan of 300,000 load/unload cycles… So 21,708 cycles 2,858 power on hours means 8-9 cycles per hour… I find it a bit high.

Still, check the drive with HDD tune and WD’s DLG just in case…

if i where you you i would use wdidle tool to put in 5 minutes :slight_smile: