WDBAAU0010HBK-EESN - WD Elements 1TB power supply

Hi. I’ve got a WD Elements 1TB external hard drive that have served me well for a couple of years. And one day it shut down. After alot, and I mean ALOT of investigation I found out that it, to my relief, was only the power supply or the adapter, the thingy that feeds the hard drive with power that had broken. I have found one on amazon.com but it has the british-kind plug in to the wall. I’m Swedish and would of course like one that fits into my power plug in the wall.

Is there a way of getting one of these without having to buy a new harddrive just to access 3 years of composed music?

Thank you

you can just get any external enclosure and hook up your drive to it. Elements do not encrypt data, so you should have access to its contents. USB enclosures are available at almost any computer stores. priced at $15-30

I’m sure that someone makes a compatible power supply, just bring yours to Radio Shack if you have those, and buy one with the same plog and power requirements. 12 volt right? Probably 500ma or 1 A

I think you can buy those from WD as well, check “accessories” - If all else fails call your nearest WD office.