WD40EFRX Fake or not?

Hello. I’ve got two used WD RED WD40EFRX, checking warranty resulting “No results found.”
The one has purple sticker with hands, first time I see this.

Is it real or fake drives? WD Dashboard detects them as WD drives.

If WD Dashboard detect it then it should be real. You can not find warranty is either out of warranty or drive was for internal use only.


The R/N is 771945. This should match the part number on the PCB artwork, namely 2060-771945.



My fake checker tool doesn’t find a problem with the label.

wdfakchk m=WD40EFRX-68WT0N0 s=WCC4E3LL3VXK d=LW0XT3903

Model Number:     WD40EFRX-68WT0N0
Serial Number:    WCC4E3LL3VXK
DCX:              LW0XT3903

No inconsistency detected in model, serial, and DCX.

WARNING: This does not prove that the drive is genuine.
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Thank you! I checked the PCB, there is 2060-771945-002 number

Where could I download this fake detection software?

some disks out of warranty still are able to check via warranty service checker, do you guess it’s a mess in WD database?


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I’ve seen plenty of genuine WD drives that weren’t in their database. I suspect that some of them may be pulls from external products.


Hard drives sold for NAS at specific company, THEY ARE NOT LISTED AS RETAIL UNITS for warranty.


Here is another way to check some WD models. Compare the serial number on the label against the serial number on the casting.



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