Serial number on Disk Label is different from Dashboard

Nowadays when I buy a new drive, I always check the drive real serial number on the WD warranty check site to avoid buying a refurbish disk with fake label.
Yesterday, I just purchase a new WD Purple 4TB disk (WDC WD43PURZ-74BWPY0) from local reseller shop. I ran a check of the serial number on the physical label, it does show the valid warranty date. However, when I check the serial number utilizing WD Dashboard, it has different and invalid serial number. Should I bring this unit back to the shop to get it replaced?

Serial Number on physical label: WX22D839R3LU
Serial Number on Dashboard: 2015033100081

Use HWiNFO64 (free software) and for a second confirmation.
If product label does not match? You better return it.

Hi Kiriakos-GR,
You are right, the hwinfo does show the serial number that match with the physical label.
It proof the Dashboard cannot be 100% trust. Thank you, appreciate!

You are welcome mate.
Do your self a favor and download… WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics / DLGDIAG V1.37 Year 2020

The most excellent software that WD ever had.

Yup, been using this Data Lifeguard for years. Thought there will be new feature release on new app, nobody know it would be disappointed.
Thanks again :grin:

DLGDIAG V1.37 has everything that any mature expert at HDD diagnosis will ever need.
Newer app this is a cheap toy, exclusively made for SSD products.