WD30EURS only 746Gb out of 3Tb is visible


I bought a 3Tb WD30EURS internal HDD recently. I installed it in my computer and hooked it on a SATA port. I initialized it in GPT.

The issue is that my computer only sees 746Gb. It means that only 1 out of the 4 platters is read, the others platters don’t work or aren’t recognized?!?!?

I’m running a Windows 7 64bits on a STUDIO XPS 9100 model from Dell. I have many external HDDs and they are all fully recognized. My BIOS is updated to the latest version.

I need a simple solution to my issue please! There must be a way to make Windows recognize the full capacity of my HDD.

P.S. : Do not publish links to other websites explaining to me some obscure theories about internal HDDs (I read another topic similar to mine just before posting this one and the “links” aren’t telling anything…)


How is the drive showing on Disk Management ?

Are you using the drive as a primary drive for the OS or secondary to store data? If secondary, is the drive connected internally or on a external enclosure?

If the rest of the drive is showing unallocated on disk management, please follow the following steps to create a new partition on the drive

My disk is showing on Disk Management: 746,69 Gb Healthy

which cannot be true since it’s a 3 Tb disk with 4 platters of 746,69 Gb. Like I said, the system omits 3 out of 4 platters.

It’s my secondary drive connected to a SATA port and it’s on a shelf internally in my CPU.

Your answer didn’t satisfy me as it doesn’t help me at all. What I want to know is how to make my computer recognize the 3 other platters of my internal HDD.


I have a similar issue - I have 2 x WD30EZRS, one formats to 3GB (or thereabouts) the other only to 746.39.

They are both connected to the same computer running Windows 8

Is this a simple issue of the second drive being faulty?

Anyone with a 64bit OS can do this by using Disk Manager to convert the new disk to Guid Partion Table (GPT).
Sniff around a little for more details - I have a 32 bit system - my solution was different.