I just recently purchased the 3tb WD Caviar Green WD30EZRSDT with an external enlcosure (rosewill RX-358-U3S)

to use as a data drive. After hooking up the drive to my laptop (dell studio xps 16) , the hard drive did not appear in the “my computer” section. However, it was showing up as a device in the control panel.

How can I set up the hard drive to appear in the my computer section so I can read/write data to it?

Some More (Possibly) Relevant Info about my laptop setup

Windows 7 64 bit

usb 2.0

Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (T9550)

Thanks In advance


Remember That This Drive Comes Empty As Soon As You Buy It, So You Need To Put A Format To It.

right Click my computer / Computer > manager > Disk management > Its Going To Be Listed There, Just Reformat It

Steps To Do This:!!&p_li=&p_topview=1

Hope It Helps!

Thanks for the reply.

I formated the drive using the process you described and it’s now showing up “my computer.”
Unfortunately though, the drive is only showing a maximum space of 746.39gb (this is the one and only partition showing up and I’ve tried reformatting/clearing the volume multiple times) as opposed to the complete 3tb capacity of the drive.
Anyway to fix this?
Hard drive was formatted to NTFS, and allocation unit size is 4096 bytes (if that helps.)

I am having this same issue. (external enclosure and all)

I went to KILLDISK in DOS to see what it says. It looks like it might come with a 2TB partition and a 750 GB parition and Windows for some reasons seems to format the 750 GB part. I am attempting to wipe the disk with KillDisk and try again. 

Will keep you informed.

Any help would be appreciated in the meantime.

Same issue:

-3TB Caviar Green, formatted as NTFS with GPT

-HP Pavilion dv4-1003TX laptop, Windows 7 32-bit

-My Caviar drive came bundled with a PCIe card, but I can’t use it obviously…

The drive appears at 1TB only. Formatted several times & tried with 2x different Win7 laptops/several enclosures, no change. I’m wondering if its a compatibility issue, either with the BIOS or motherboard? Anyone know how I can find out?