wd2go is back up!

It is back up, I just used it.

I wouldn’t call it back up until WD posts an “All Clear” on the official threads…

I have been having intermittent connection all morning, hopefully WD has fixed the issue.

No its not. I am still down

In my case (posting from Spain) I can acces now to www.wd2go.com and log in, it even finds my WD but then says can not acces because it isn’t not conected to Internet (of course it is).

Is somebody going through the same issue or is this now my problem?

No here in New Zealand the same problem and yes I have full access to the Internet

@ KASAR and Wagebot

I had the similar issues, although a bit different. What I did was “Turn OFF” cloud access. Removed my devices from the dashboard, and deleted my Cloud Access from my username. Opened up the Desktop App and removed the “WD Connected Device”.

I “Turned ON” cloud access, waited for port forwarding to be established. Re-entered my username for having cloud access … re-entered my email addy and in about 10 seconds I received the confimation email with the clickable link. All was confirmed. The same was done for all the connected devices.

Reconnected my Desktop App to the “WD connected Device” and everything is working as it did before WD2GO went down. I have tested emailed links and they download properly so it seems everything is back in order … for now I might add. :slight_smile:

Hello again,

I finally got my mycloud running properly,
Even set up several mycloud accounts already.
However, now, it says the remote acces is disabled in app. But when I look at the ui, it says it’s on.
Naturally I tried turning it off and then on again. Which usually works but now the mycloud says there is a “connection failure”
How do I fix this, turning it on and off obviously doesn’t work. A reboot of the mycloud perhaps ?
Please help me out. This is the final hurdle.

Awaiting your answers and help,

the site running but not the server

Ugh… its been down all weekend and I need to travel tomorrow…

Maybe it’s just in Texas but I just tried wd2go and both my phone apps again and they are working. I have used or tried them several times since my first post and they worked.