WD2go.com Java Error

Ive recently been having problems with logging into my MYBookLive via the web. I log into it and get an error stating Java has blocked the site due to security reasons. Anyone else having this problem?


I have the same problem!, I am not able to reach via Internet My book live due to Java incompatibility.

I have got several answers from “wdsupport@wdc.com” but nothing work!

I will not recommand  to install a WD My book live for which we don’t have any support from WD

Sorry for my poor english


Have you updated firmware to 2.43.09?

Thanks for helping

I have two “MyBookLive” the first one is based in my house connected to my network the second one is at 20 kms from here.

WD ask me to remove Java version 8 and re-install Java 7.75

Nothing works with these version of Java also after re-installing Java 8 and upgrading the WD version  to “MyBookLive” 02.43.09-038 version I am able now to read my home  Book live from Internet.

I have to update the firmware of my second “MyBookLive”, upgrade Java and try. I will do that next Friday.

Again I want to thank you for helping an old French man.


Francis Massot

I have similar problem accessing My Book Live via the web.

Firmware was checked to be ver. 2.43.09-038 : Core F/W and I am using a MacBook Air.

Also, using Finder, via ‘Connect to Server’, I kept getting the MBL not being available for access and further attempts were unsuccessful.

Any advice please?

My current version is “MyBookLive 02.43.09-038 : Core F/W” and im still receiving the same. Its blocking the java applet it would appear. Any one else have any ideas?