wd2500 not recognized

I have a WD 2500mep-00 0909a external drive, that I have used for years as a backup device. So tonight I pull it off the shelf, and hook it to my laptop, the light on the drive comes on but that is it, windows does not acknowledge that it has been plugged in. My laptop is a W7 x64, I have used this WD drive on this pc in the past but since then I have had to replace the internal hard drive, so it appears I need new drivers but I can not locate exactly which one I need on the Western Digital website. I also tried the drive on my desktop running Vista, with the same results, light comes on, but that is all that happens, no New Hardware Wizard, nothing.

Thanks in advance for the assistance. If you need anything else let me know.

For a a start try a different USB cable and see if that helps.


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Sometimes it’s the simplist things that confound the wise. lol. Thanks that was the problem.