WD20EARX 2TB - Crystaldisk Errors

Could someone take a look at this screenshot and tell me if i should RMA. The driver is only about 3 months and all my other 3 drives are OK.

The reallocated sectors count is fairly high?

I have done a long Format and i have wrote to the drive using Zero’s

Hi yes you should do a RMA on the drive as bad sectors don’t get better only worse. You can check the warranty status and start the RMA here http://support.wdc.com/warranty/index_end.asp?lang=en

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If i go for the advance replacement will i be sent a new drive as opposed to a refurb if i do not?

Hi no all RMA drives are returned with a refubished drive. I had a 300 gig raptor replaced 2 years ago with a refurb and still not one error on it.

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Many thanks Hammey for taking time out from your day to reply to me :slight_smile: