Would you recommend me a RMA?


I am not shure about my WD20EARS 2 TB HDD and would be glad for a short advice, if I should go for a RMA?

Arguments for an RMA (see pics below) are >1000 reallocated sector count and some other values like “offline uncorrectable”.

(However, I was able to at least copy all data from the disk (~900 GB backup files) to another drive. I noted, that the copy-process stalled occasionally. I have not checked the integrity of all the recovered data and assume/hope that it is OK.)

An extended test with DLGDIAG found bad sectors and was not able to correct them.

Would you advice me to go into RMA?





Hi yes you need to RMA the drive you can start the RMA and check the warranty status here.  http://support.wdc.com/warranty/index_end.asp?lang=en

Try to write zeroes to the drive before creating the RMA.