`wd won't show up on computer

Hi, Can anyone help me with this…my WD won’t show up on my computer anymore…I can hear it when I plug it in, but
it’s not showing anything…I can’t lose my files and need to get this fixed…

Have you tried replacing the USB cable or testing the hard drive in a different computer? Is the hard drive seen within Windows Disk Management?


  1. First connect it with your computer by using another cable. If it working then change your old cable.
  2. If problem remains same after changing the cable then try to connect your disk with another computer or Laptop.
  3. If it working fine with other system then It might be a problem in your System.
  4. If it is also not working on other systems then it might be a problem with your hard disk.

In this situation contact manufacturer if it is in warranty period else contact hard disk repair/recovery expert.