WD will not honor their warranty on 1 year old drive

** UPDATE. I was able to RMA the drive. Thank you WD_ADMIN **

I have a completely dead 500 gb SSD which I have confirmed with WD support has a 3 year warranty. It was given to me as a gift by somebody who has passed away so I have no way of obtaining the original receipt. It says right there on the label that the date of manufacture (DOM) is August 2019 so there is no way this is out of warranty yet somehow their system doesn’t recognize the serial number so they will not honor the warranty. I’ve sent them pictures of the drive to prove it’s theirs and am happy to renturn it to them so they can inspect it but they will not issue me an RMA number. What can I do? it’s absurd they are not honoring a broken product clearly within the warranty period. What happens if I send it to the RMA address anyway with no RMA number? I am going to be filing a complaint with the CA Attorney General and the FTC if this is not resolved because this is ridiculous. I’m not asking for an exception for an out of warranty product here; this drive is barely a year old. Thank you. /rant

Just 2 points you may want to consider.

  1. DOM (Date of Manufacture) is not proof of warranty or purchase.

  2. There are 2 ways Hard drives are sold as … Retail and OEM

If WD’s system does not recognize the serial number and they wont issue you an RMA number … then it’s probably an OEM drive.

Places like Amazon, Ebay and Computer Shops are notorious for selling OEM drives.

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I appreciate the information and will keep this in mind. I do not recall whether the drive came in the retail box when it was given to me. However it would seem that WD should be able to tell me based on the serial number whether it’s OEM or retail but their answer has just been basically “we can’t find that serial number” which to me is not acceptable. If this drive is covered by a 3 year warranty, which they told me in the ticket it was, there is no way it’s out of warranty since it’s only 13 or 14 months old so I don’t know why I would need to provide proof of when it was purchased.


You should be able to contact support and ask for a Manager to review the case. Agents wouldn’t have access to that detail, but the Managers should. If you can’t get an answer, please PM me.

Thank you for your offer to help. They just repeated what they said and that they would not honor the warranty because they could not verify the serial number. I already called once and asked it to be escalated to a supervisor. I’m thinking of just sending it back without an RMA and seeing what they do. If this is an OEM drive they should be able to tell me.

If you ship it with no RMA, it will likely just ship it back. I will send you a PM.