RMA creation: Product registration issue

I have an 6 TB Purple HDD bought in 2018. I need to create an RMA for that. When I have tried to register the product to create the RMA its asking proof of purchase. Its has been a while and I could not find the receipt (I believe I bought it locally). Any suggestions resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks/

It should have a date it was manufactored. Unless its really out of warranty I dont beleive WD will require this. I havnt uploaded a receipt in some time…Good luck

I was to send the HDD to WD after confirming that its under warranty. They still denied as I could not provide a receipt. As per website its not necessary, as you mentioned, manufacturing date is important and my HDD was also under warranty based on that date. They denied and returned the HDD. Lost a lot $$$$. Lesson learned, not buying any WD products and already switching to SSD by Samsung. So far , they have not failed me although its pricey. I have not bought any WD product since I created the RMA.

WD management is non existent, and the entire warranty program is a mess.
there are reports that when they ship your RMA, they do not even update the status page anymore, so you don’t even know when your drive is coming, they don’t tell you the tracking, status just stays pending and not shipped, even when they do ship it.

also, don’t even bother with the SMS notification feature. they will send you an initial text when you sign up for updates, but then you will never actually get an update about your RMA.

also their $25 advanced fee is a scam because they have kept peoples $25 and not fulfilled the RMA

Dang, this really saddens me as I had much bigger hopes for WD. I had a drive fail they asked fir pictures of serial on both drives… I’m not out of the woods yet