WD Drives for Sale on eBay and their Warranties

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I know that WD doesn’t recognize eBay as an authorized reseller so does that mean a drive’s warranty time is based on the manufacture date of the drive which is kept track of by the serial number? Or, does that mean if a buy a WD drive from Joe Somebody through eBay then I have no kind of warranty with WD? With the warranty based on manufacture date and serial number does WD really not care from who or where I got the drive?

The reason I ask is that I’m interested in some VelociRaptor drives but unfortunately I missed the bigger discount sales on those drives this year. Before anybody tells me… yes, I know SSDs are better but I have reasons for wanting VelociRaptors instead.

Edit: Added the part about SSDs.

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The warranty always follows the drive.  So, if there is any warranty time left on the drive, then yes they are still under warranty.  You just won’t be able to reset the warrany time period by having bought them on Ebay.

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I emailed WD Support and that’s basically what they told me.


ok  so ebay is not a   authorized reseller what if a  authorized reseller sells via ebay like dabs _ebay shop or  ebuyer_ebay shop they are an authorized reseller ?

In other words  if you don’t buy second hand and its from a seller that WD see as a authorized reseller does the Warrantee start from when you buy it  still  ??

And if WD  don’t  do that they are breaking the own set of rules / or being unfair to its loyal users ;)  hmm 

Nah, if it’s a legitimate reseller, then sure we’ll honor the warranty. But it would have to be a new device. And if you can provide the proof of purchase, there shouldn’t be a problem with getting that updated.

good to know  as  there are a lot of  resellers useing  ebay amazon play.com  as a second home to sell  new drives that are end of line or they just wont stock  again all good drives  just  they have  x number left and want to get rid 

so say if  dabs  have a dabs_ebayshop and the item  sold is new  will you  give full Warrantie  ??

thank you for your time  and help its good to know  we have the backup suport from WD  used to use samsung and WD  now there is only you left  so it is even more important you  are  keeping the good service  we always can trust