WD WDBCTL0030HWT MY CLOUD For local access

I’m interested to buy the above device but I’m mainly interested only for the NAS feature. What I want is to record my home camera’s video snapshots locally to a NAS and access it only locally. Also, I’d like to have multiple accounts for family members with quotas so that everyone can access their storage. I do NOT want to use cloud feature but only locally through my home network. Will I be able to do that with this device or will everything have to be through cloud?

It doesn’t support quotas.

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thanks, what about user accounts? and especially LAN access?

User accounts can be setup through the WD My Cloud Dashboard.

I would suggest you take some time to read through the My Cloud User Manual (http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/?id=439&type=25) which explains the features of the device and how to configure those features.

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