WD My Cloud Home - Many limitations comparing with previus models

I’m using WD NAS products for more them 5 yeas (Started with My Book Live, My Cloud EX2, My cloud) and now I just bought the “new and improved My Cloud Home”. I was expecting a better product with better interface and features. Now I’m very disappointed as many characteristics/features was ignored in this model.
The web interface has gone and we canot do basic thinks link map a NW drive in a windows 32 bits. In fact I don´t know what is the protocol used by the WD Discover to map a NW drive (windows 64 only), I asked to WD about that (if the drive map is using SMB, NFS, etc) and the response was “it is internal use only”.
Also we don’t have access to configure a streamer server or the drive helth like in the others. We basic lost all Dashboard nice features.
I have many devices accessing my previus NAS (Android TV Box, iPad, Smart TV, WD TV Live, etc) but canot access the My Cloud Home using SMB or NFS, and it is limiting a lot the use for me.

Any one know how to map a NW drive to the My cloud home?

I’m a WD enthusiastic (I have many, many WD products), but now I think that I’ll need to look for other NAS options in the near future…

What’s new and improved about it? It has only been out a few months and it does not replace any other WD product. You probable should have looked at getting the 2nd generation WD My Cloud.


I don’t own it and after reading about it after it came out, yes, it sounded great, but I waited and figured out it was not a replacement for the My Cloud. I’m sticking with my My Cloud 1st generation.

From what I can see the my cloud home is not a continuation of the regular my cloud line. it is a different product and platform all together. I feel like WD tried to design this product to be a easier network storage device to use for novice users. Unfortunately if you are familiar with the regular my cloud products the feature set falls short for most peoples expectations.

The my cloud home is not a traditional NAS and does not have traditional SMB shares. It uses a private user space that can only be mapped by installing WD discovery and for better or worse that has only been released for 64bit OS.

This private user space also cannot be seen by other devices like smart TVs that can connect to normal SMB or NFS shares.

There are some work around that you may be able to use. There is a default public share that can be used for Windows File History backups. This is a normal SMB share so you may be able to put files there that can be seen by devices like a smart TV. Unfortunately anything stored there will not be seen in the my cloud home mobile app or using the web browser access.

if you need features like mapping drives using normal windows share mappings, SMB shares, NFS, etc it would be best to stay with the normal My Cloud line.


I believe that most people will prefer keep the My cloud 1st or 2nd generation instead of try the My cloud home. Unfortunately I trust in WD and bough the My cloud home without a more detailed research.

Now I have a 4 TB (and more expensive) drive that is not a NAS. The use for this device is limited and I’ll probably use only for backups. A very basic use for a NAS drive is not available (SMB or NFS access), so I cannot access my videos from my media players/smart TVs.

The best product I have still the WD EX2, even the My cloud 1st generation lost an important feature in the dashboard (comparing with the EX2), we cannot shootdown the drive using the dashboard.

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do you know how to map this public share? I could not find the device in my NW environment.

Are you sure you have the 1st generation, I do.