WD Ultrastar DC (HUS726T4TALA6L4 vs. HUS726T4TALE6L4)

Tell me, how do these modifications differ ?


A is 512n SATA 6Gb/s … and E is 512e SATA 6Gb/s

The main difference between 512n & 512e is around sector sizes on the drive. 512e has physical sector size of 4k and it emulates 512 bytes’ sectors. … Thus, the firmware of these newer devices may expose a logical sector size, which is either 4KB Native (4Kn) or 512B Emulation ( 512e )


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Can they both work with NAS ?

The drives are classed as “Data Center” drives … sure, they can be used in a NAS but your paying a Premium Price for them.

WD Red’s are designed for consumer level NAS … sure, may not be as fast … but are quieter and cheaper and may be all you need.

Best to search the internet for comparisons and compare reviews to help you in your purchase.

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