What is the difference between WD Red 3TB drive types?

I want to buy 3TB WD drives for a Synology DS214(+) NAS, but can’t figure out the difference between two types:

  1. The WD Red Network NAS HDD, with type WDBMMA0030HNC-ERSN

  2. The WD Red SATA 6 Gb/s, with type WD30EFRX

First I thought they were probably the same, but they seem to consistenly differ in price as well as advertising photograph.  

I tried to find out on the WD support site and knowledge base, but without success.

So my questions are:

  • What is the difference between the two, if any?

  • Which one is more appropriate for the Synology NAS?

Who can help me out?

P.S. There seems to be even a third type of 3TB drive for NAS, called WD Network, with type WDBMMA0030HNC

HI ariyodi,

Sorry about the confusion. Sometimes e-tails can post the wrong image for a drive model so it can be hard to determine what a drive is by the picture. The WDBMMA0030HNC model is a retail model number which should be the same as a WD30EFRX. The drives should be the same from what I can with the information that you provided. As for the price difference, drives can come as retail, meaning they have the pretty box, documentation, etc that is included. A drive can also come as a bare drive, which is just the drive in a plain cardboard box with nothing extra. Because of the additional items included in a retail box they may be priced a little higher.

I would verify the compatibility list on Synology’s website for the model of NAS that you purchased. From what I can tell, your NAS should be compatible with the drive that you are looking at: WD30EFRX (WDBMMA0030HNC).

Hope this helped out.

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