WD Ultra don't works with Mac

I have Problem with my WD - my passport ultra.
It works good on Windows. I reformatted it for Mac OS: exFAT.
When I plug it in to my macbook(OS Yosemite) usb port it works for 1 minute and then turns off and appears screen “Attach a supported WD drive”. I try many times.

Help Please.


If you are trying to using the drive on both system Windows and Mac, try reformatting the drive to Fat 32.

Also you can try reformatting the drive again on exFAT and test that again.

NO, I will use it only for macbook and because i formatted it exFAT, i tested it today on iMac and there it works good. but on my laptop with OS yosemite it does not. maybe i fill driver for Yosemite.