WD passport (Exfat) works on Windows but not Mac

Hi! I have my passport formatted to exfat just because it is easier to use between university computers (which run windows and have super fast programs I use for my major) and my computer (mac)

The issue is that the passport has stopped working on on my Mac. I assume it is because I now have OS Majove (10.14.5) instead of the Sierra on which it ran perfectly fine. Is there any solution to this?

Currently since my passport can run on windows, I have backed up my files on a windows comp and will just reformat my passport to exfat again so it can work (hopefully). I am not sure this is the right way (or if there is any right way) but does WD just fail to configure to any new system mac has? would like advice. thanks xx

I had that issue before, because drive was format as exFAT on Windows. I did backup all my data and then use my MacBookPro to format the drive as exFAT. From there I connected to my Windows to copy back the data on to the drive. Which is now, I am able to use the drive on either Windows or Mac

Hi @zombini
I have the same problem on my “WD Elements Portable”, read here:

is it the same for you?

Have you solved as suggested by @jebusx ? In my case I don’t remember if I formatted it from Mac or Win.

Let me know, please