WD TVlive not seeing my book duo8TB via pc or network share

HI questions for help please

  1. just bought new My book duo 8tb and was hoping this would be able to connect to my WDtv live either direct or via my pc network share.  doesn,t appear to be set up to connect direct to wdtvlive ?? is this correct ??

  2. then plugged my Book duo to my pc direct and shared all access and files across my network, shows up great on the pc with all settings showing shared but the WD tvlive doesnt seem to see the MbyBook duo or all the pc shared files??? only sees my pc with limited access to some pc files - not other drives, my book duo or folder shares.??

  3. in wdtvlive have selected the media share option but only 8 music songs appear and then also the windows share option to my pc but it is giving the busy circle and not accessing anything…??

note previously the wdtvlive had a 3TB drive plugged in direct which worked fine but this was full and started to crash hence my change to something bigger but need to get it wokring correctly.

any advice would be greatly appreciated…regards DB   

I think the problem may be something to do with having installed WINDOWS 10, apparently others are also having similar issues because of WINDOWS 10 not seeing shared folders and only seeing the User files.???

regards DB 


Try going through the share settings to see if you can spot any option that might not be set properly.