WD TV PLAY is dead?

Wd tv Play is dead? Why you do not update and improve firmware full of bugs, after a long time?
Why you have so much apathy? 
I am very sad with this purchase.
Sorry for my bad english, and you go to work with this media player now please !!!

they say that this device is cheap, therefore they don’t want to improve it.

such treating gives rise to very big mistrust.

and I will never buy any device from WD.

I paid £36 for a WDTV Play about 6 months ago. It handles every format I throw at it (something my previous AppleTV couldn’t). I’ve taken it on holiday with a memory stick full of movies and an hdmi cable and used it with the room TV. 

It’s excellent value for money - what else at £36 will do what this does?

You don’t like it? Sell it and pay substantially more for something else. Me? I bought a second one!

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  1. it not  supports every format.

  2. player hangs (deadly) when internet is slow. For example: computer never hangs? you may close webpage and computer continues work.

there is many many small software defect in this device. And why WD don’t improve this device?

No device supports every format. I’ve thrown various types of mkv, mp4, avi, mov and even avchd files at it without problems.

Don’t understand the slow internet issue. WDTV Play works without *any* internet access unless you’re using one of the streaming apps. I never use them so I can’t comment. I use the device purely for playback from a USB memory stick.

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Im in the -3, and when I randomly mark any thing.
It hangs randomly and that has me sick.
The remote responds slowly (with new batteries).
Some captions are not read (yes, I blame the DLNA server is).
With Netflix, just go one account and not the family pack.

All bugs do not understand why I did not improve with a firmware update (over one year do not)

Also, has a new and more powerful hardware than Streaming (which I also have, and that the updated and improved periodically).
Therefore, because they do not improve, and for example added by Samba and Sharing folders as is Streaming?

That I and many who bought this blessed device.
They not only earn money, but think of those who follow the brand (WD spending much money, I have 2 MyBookLive, multiple discs, 2 media players and I did buy a lot of my friends)
Sorry for my bad english!!