WD TV Play cannot find DLNA server

Up until two days ago the WD TV Play was seeing my DLNA server and playing content without a problem. From yesterday, it suddenly can’t see it and says there is nothing connected. I’ve swapped cables, tried wifi, factory reset, power off for 5 minutes etc but it still can’t see the server. The same server sends music to various devices around the house and my PS3, using the cable out of the WD TV Play, can see the server and play the content. Does anyone have any suggestions, apart from returning the unit to Amazon (it’s only 3 months old and they have said I can have a refund).

Okay, I can answer my own question. I manually change the IP address on the WD TV Play and it is working now. I’ve never had to do that before, but I think that automatic was giving it the same IP address as another device.