WD TV Media Player - Synology NAS network share


I’m not sure if this is a WD or Synology Topic.

I have the following problem. I can’t connect to my Synology NAS via network share anymore. I can see it and get also a logon window but after entering logon credentials I get the following message (translated from German):

“Connection to the selected source can not be established. Make sure the selected source is active and network share is availabel”

(“Es kann keine Verbindung zur ausgewählten Quelle hergestellt werden. Vergewissern Sie sich, dass die ausgewählte Quelle aktiv und als Freigabe verfügbar ist.”)

The network share is accessable from my Windows or Mac. I also asked for help in Synology forum but until now no luck. Maybe someone can help me here?

Many thanks in advanced!


Are you using the Synology as a file server only?  Make sure you have “Linux Shares” enabled on the WDTV and on the NAS enable NFS for the shared folders and enter the IP of the WDTV for clients allowed to connect.  Then on the WDTV connect to the NAS via linux shares not windows shares.  You will have much better performance.

Many thanks for your feedback! On my WD TV media player I can just choose Windows or Mac network share BUT now I found the problem which is quite embarrassing :frowning:

I always used the iOS WD TV remote app to enter/copy my user credentials and now I realised it was pasting a completely wrong password. The strange thing was, the user name has been pasted correctly but not the password.

After entering the correct password manually with the original remote control it was working fine.

Sorry and thanks again for your help!