Wd tv media player skips video files


i’m gonna jump to the point; the wd tv i ordered from amazon skips avi and matroska video formats quite often and i need to know if there is a fix for this, i think i have the latest firmware update unless a new one was released this year ie2010.

it makes me not very happy to find out i have a generation 1 and not 2 tbh, not to mention the issues related with this box. i mean i cant watch one movie in peace! :angry:

You have to give more info about the files and firmware. What do you mean about generation 1 and 2? I believe it is WDTV and not the WDTV Live that has two generations.

yes i ment WDTV and i accidentally posted in the wrong section, i apologise.

basically when i play mkv/avi video formats the video stops as if someone presses the stop button on the remote and this kind of behaviour is happning to a lot of the video files i have stored in my external hard drive. i was thinking ther must be a fix to save me the time of re encoding the video format that should already be supported by the the WDTV media player.