WD TV Live with 3 TB HDD?

I have WD TV Live updated with latest firmware. When I connected my brand new WD My Book Essential 3 TB HDD I got message like “At this time, storage over 2 TB are not supported on this device”. Is anything I can do to make it work? Thank you.

Using a 3 TB drive with any of the WD TV will cause issues with your drive.

“At this time, WD does not support using any single 4K drives larger than 2 TB on any of our WD TV line of products. We have found that doing so may cause corruption to the data, or damage to the partition. However, our dual drives and network products larger than 2 TB are not affected by this issue and can continue to be used with our WD TV product line.”

This is from WD Support site.

At the current time a single external drive greater than 2 TB will not work with the WD TV Live Hub HD Media Player, the WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player, or the WD TV Live Hub Media Center.  Do not attempt to use these drives with your WD TV Live product because it may damage your drive’s partition and cause loss of data.  WD is currently working on a solution and will provide an update accordingly.

Thank you for reply. I hope WD will resolve this problem soon with new firmware so I can use my new HDD. If not, I have 3 TB of space for backup a bunch of files. :manindifferent:


Hi WD forum I’ve only just realised this 3tb hard-drive matter has become an issue again after connecting my 3tb Seagate STAC after performing the internet firmware update identified by the player.

I never had any problems before, with the old firmware. Is the problem restricted only to WD hard drives, or is the matter applicable to third party hdd’s too?

Question asked since WD had tools available for use with their own hdd’s but not third party ones - is it possible other manufacturers’ hdd’s aren’t affected?

If it definitely is a problem across all hdd’s, I’d like to politely add my request to the list, for WD to sort this problem out as soon as possible. Not only did I buy an expensive hdd that I can’t use with the player, I also bought partitioning software to make the thing compatible with the player.

It’s really frustrating to find that this is now all for naught. Would appreciate learning what WD are doing/how high a priority this issue is for them at the moment, please.


This affects all 3 TB drives regardless of manufacturer. This issue is high priority and we are trying to resolve it as soon as possible.

Thanks for the response Guy - been away for a while so have only just read your comments.

It’s good to know WD consider this matter ‘high priority’ too - hopefully a resolution is soon to come.

 A cheap alternative would be to pick up a router with a USB port, and share the 3TB drive out over DLNA as a Media Share. Belkin, Netgear, and Buffalo all have $50 to $125 routers that can do this. The cool part is that you can share the media out to all your PCs as well as your WD boxes.

 I used a Netgear WNDR 3700 until I bought a ReadyNAS. The Netgear worked great for streaming, even 1080p 3D Movies in MKV format (which surprised me).

Neatgear WNDR 3700

Later I put the Open-WRT firmware on this router, which increased Wireless range and throughput quite a bit (went from 4MB transfer to about 7MB over wireless copying stuff from my desktop to the HDD attached to the router).

 Hope that helps you!

Can anyone tell my if this problem is definitively gonna be fixed? I need to know if I should wait - otherwise I have to send my newly bought WD 3tb usb drive back and order a 2 tb.  

I need the drive only for the TV Live. Shall I take the risk of waitung for an update?

Send it back.

The wait may exceed your return period.

It has been reported that it will be fix, but it is taking longer than expected.

So can i take a 3 tb and partition it into a 2 and 1?  Would I still run the risk of data corruption?  How would WDTV display it with a second hdd hooked up, would it label them as usb 1 usb 2 and usb 3?

I would imagine the WD engineers are working on a GUID partition table (GPT) interface much like Windows 7.

Disks less than 2.2TB use the age old MBR partition table.

WD need to comment on whether say 2x 1.5TB partions would work.

Another possible solution as a stopgap is if you have a 3TB drive you could format it as MBR (not GPT) and leave 1TB unallocated making it effectively a 2TB drive until WD sort the problem out. Then use the full 3 TB.

About a week ago on the firmware board  in the following thread

Re: Important Notice Regarding Single USB Drives Greater than 2 TB’s and WD TV Products 

It was reported that the tech’s had  completed the fix,  but that it still needed testing before possible addition to the next update release.


i sow new wdtv live release:

"What’s in this update? Release 1.05.04 (5/12/2011)

  • Supports USB hard drives greater than 2TBs."

had test somebody wd my book 3 tb with wd tv live? any bug?

thank you