Important Notice Regarding Single USB Drives Greater than 2 TB's and WD TV Products

At this time, the WD TV product line does not support the use of single USB drives larger than 2 TB.  Doing so may cause corruption to the data, or damage to the partition.  Our dual and network drives larger than 2 TB’s can continue to be used with the WD TV products. WD is currently working on a remedy to this situation, and will notify our customers when it becomes available.

This issue has been resolved for the WD TV Live, Live Plus, and the Live Hub in the latest firmware updates. 

For further information, please refer to Knowledge Base Answer ID 5875 .


Ok, fine and thank you, BUT when will this be possible ?
I have 3 x WD 3 TB waiting for you to fix this.
WD was eager enough to marked the disks.

Please give us some update as I see plenty of people writing about in the Forums, so I must not be the only one.

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We’re still working on this. It’s a complex issue, so I’m not sure when exactly it’ll be fixed.

I am another  Wd costumer with 2 3tb drives waiting for this problem to be fixed. How munch more do we have to

wait so we can use our drivers???

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I am SO angry I just got a 3tb WD hard drive and spent 2 days transfering data FOR NOTHING, it never crossed my mind I had to go online and look arround in forums to find out it was all worthless. It is amazing you can not use a wd hard drive with your own products what is the point of buying your stuff? or did you guys think the 3 tb era would never come? And what is taking you guys so long to get a solution for this? Are you a garage company? how many people/genius are working on this? man you guys should not been sleeping at all until you solve this. I give you my word if you not solve this soon I will never buy anything from you and will tell everyone I know about the “great company” and “amazing” “customer care” you have.

thanks for making my day.

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We do understand the frustration of not being able to know this going in.  And like Guy said, we are currently working on it.  However, just in case you didn’t know, you can connect the drive to a computer and the WD TV Lives can access it over the network.  The other thing I would caution, is that if you connected it directly to the WD TV, you may have damaged the partition.  So, if nothing plays, or the drive becomes inaccessible, that’s because the partition or data was corrupted or damaged.  If that happens, you will need to repartition and reformat the drive.  Then, copy all the data back to it.   Keep in mind that repartitioning and reformatting will destroy what data you have on the drive.

Can you tell us an estimated date of when this problem would solved…

Thank You for an answer…

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I do not what happens , but I never have an answer…|||||

Please…don’t you have an stimated date for new firmware fixing this issue?

Thnaks in advance!


Currently there is no estimated date for this to be fixed. However, it is still a high priority issue.

weeks? months?..

We need some reference to buy/sell new 3tb disks…

Thanks in advance!

Don’t buy any until it is fixed … they will only get cheaper :slight_smile:


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The new firmware is out for download, but the problem with drive greater of 2tb is not solved.

I have my 3tb driver since December, what should I do with this driver???

Until when should we wait for this problem to be fixed…

We have firmware in testing that’s supposed to have a fix for this.

But it has not come out yet???


Thanks for your reply´s

And hope to see firmware out soon…

Me too as I want to get larger drives and this is the only thing stopping me.

Thanks for the information Bill

Will you be posting here when the firmware is released?  It would be great to have a source of updated information.