4 TB USB RAID0 not registering

Hi, I sincerely apologise if this has been covered in another thread but I have been searching for a couple of hours with no joy.

I have a WD TV Live HD and after running out of space on my directly connected 2 TB drive decided to pair that with another identical spare drive I had in a USB RAID0 capable enclosure, again directly connected via USB giving me 4 TB of storage. However it is not being recognised.

I read here about an issue with SINGLE drives greater than 2 TB but that has since been resolved with firmware versions later than 1.05.04_B and anyway it states “dual and network drives larger than 2 TB’s can continue to be used with the WD TV products”. I am running the latest 1.06.43 firmware.

Can someone clarify whether this should work or whether my only option is to upgrade to the newer WD TV Live SMP (Gen 3) as mentioned here.

Many thanks for any assistance offered.


Please note that some RAID configurations are not going to be compatible.