3 TB working?


Can anyone confirm that 3TB hard drives are now working with the new firmware of the Live Hub? I read it, but i’d like personnal experience.

Do hard drives larger than 3TB (from other manufacturers) also work?


ttt for answers

Rickson4 wrote:

ttt for answers

Why not try it and see?

Well, I don’t really want to buy ANOTHER 3TB HD and notice it doesn’t work. If someone has experience, that would be simpler…

Who said you had to buy _ another _ one?  If you’ve got one already, just try it.  I’m certainly not about to go out and buy a 3TB drive just so I can check it for you.

Wow, wise comment…

Yes, I bought a 3TB drive and returned it after it was corrupted with a prior version of WD live hub firmware.

No, I didn’t ask you to buy a 3 TB drive and try it. I’m asking if there were people who had tried it already so I can profit from their experience.

Rickson4, I have a WD TV Live Hub and a 3 TB drive, it is connected to the USB port in the back of the WD TV Live Hub and is working like a charm, no issues what so ever.

Now, I have a My Book Essential 3 TB and of course, the latest firmware update for the Hub. 

I have not try a different brand of external drive…

Hope it helps.


that WAS helpful!

Many thx

Connected my 3TB WD My Book Essential to my WD Live Hub prior to the latest firmware update - hard drive was corrupted, data storgage capacity went from 3TB to 746gb.  Updated the Hub to latest firmware, formatted the hard drive (thankfully had all media backed up), added media, connected to Hub and it works fine.  No corruption and storage capaciy is 2.72 TB.  Also works with my WD TV Live player.

Two types of HDD - those that have failed, and those that will :slight_smile: