I just got this model   WDBHG70000NBK-HESN from amazon, it on the lastes firmware (i updated when i first turn it on)

So i left it turn off most of sunday all day all night

Today monday when i was about the leave for work i remember there a couple of files in the usb connected to the TV Live that i need, so i took it off the unit.

It was hot, am not saying burning hot, but it was hot enought to the touch that i felt a sting

Am the owner of 2 previous TV Live …and this never happen (if i turn it off).

Is there any way (firmware, setup option, etc) short of unplugging the **bleep** thing so its completly turn off and not in standby ?

God i hope there is … cause i rather buy an older model that really turn itself off



Press the remote off button for at least 5 seconds to put the player into a deep standby which in effect switches it off.

You have the new WD Live Streaming so if have any more problems etc you should post at the link below. This forum is for the old live.