Newbie - Should my WD Live TV run hot when in standby?

I’ve just got a WD Live TV  a few days ago and started playing with it, not really having had any video streaming experience with a similar device before.

Initially I rejected the “start-up” offer of a firmware upgrade, having seen several messages on this and other forums about possible problems.  Using the original firmware I, as I said, played around with various things, steaming music and photos from a Stora NAS, explored iPlayer etc, nothing exotic.  I was quite pleased with what I found, but realise that I need to get a better WiFi connection for iPlayer use. 

Eventually I pressed the OFF button on the remote to carry on with something else.  Some time later I came back to the WD Live and tried to switch back ON, with no real response.  I’m not sure if the white "Power"LED came on or not (I think that it did, but I can’t be sure) but I got no other response at all from the unit.  I tried the ON/OFF buttton on the remote several times; no joy, totally black screen on the TV.  I decided to try resetting the unit by unplugging the power cable (easier to reach than the ON/OFF switch of the power unit).  I was very suprised when I took hold of the unit as to how hot it was; not scorching but very warm considering that it had been on standby for several hours.  Anyway, removing and restoring the power restored usage and the unit re-booted and operated ok.  Over the next few hours I tried using the unit, then shutting down from the remote and then trying to restart.  Each time I had to physiaclly remover the power lead to get the unit to restart, merely pressing ON on the remote brought the white LED on, but nothing showed on the screen.  Pressing the ON/OFF button would turn off the LED.

Yesterday I used the unit again.  It booted up ok when power was applied.  It again, as on initial usage, offered a firmware upgrade.  Having looked somewhat further into the questions about upgrades I have downloaded copies of the original firmware and instructions on how to roll-back, and decide to allow the firmware upgrade to take place, hoping that the new firmware may address this problem.  This update went ok with the unit rebooting at the end and performing well.  However it didn’t seem to have any effect on the reluctance to re-start. and the machine still gets hotter than I would think is reasonable when in standby.  Incidentally the new firmware is the first one to offer “Live TV” on the menu (I’m not sure what the version number is I don’t have access to it at the moment.

Today (9th Sept 2012) I repeated yesterdays experiments and again was offered yet another firmware upgrade at start-up, which I again allowed and all went well with the upgrade.  However after using the unit for an hour or so I switched it off with the remote, but left the power connected.  Returning to re-use it aboout 2 hrs later I encountered the no-response when switchin on,  The white LED comes on when the ON/OFF button on th remote is pressed and goes off again when re-pressed, but no video or sound.  Again the unit had become very hot whilst in standby, and only operated correctly after removing power and the re-applying it.

I’m really think that the unit is faulty, it certainly isn’t operating as I would expect in two separate ways. ONE: failure to re-start when the ON/OFF button is pressed on the remote and TWO: getting excessively hot when in standby.

Any suggestions please, anyone else had these symptoms?  I’ve had a quick search on the forum but not seen anything quite like my problem.

Definitely acting up considering the fact that there haven’t been that many firmware releases in the last couple of days and the “getting hot” scenario

try to roll back the firmware just to see if that’s the problem

if not… take it back to the store