WD Live Doesn't turn off Properly

I have just bought my third WD TV Media Player this week (Model - WDBPUF0000NBK-AESN) and until this one have been very happy with them.

There is only one problem with this one. I pulled a USB drive out this morning after turning the machine off last night and noticed that it was warm. It was turned off last night and the light was off. When I looked on my network the device and the USB drive is visible even though the thing is turned off.

Is it possible to turn it off completely? I don’t want it to be on line when I turn it off. The old one turned itself off completely.



read this …


it’s in the User Manual … Page 45


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I wonder which engineering genius came up with that idea?

You have to look at the back of the device to see if it is Off or in Standby mode? Sheer brilliance, WD couldn’t afford to install an orange LED?

Thanks for that info though



Bruce1947 wrote: I wonder which engineering genius came up with that idea?

Probably the same one who decided that “Heat Sinks” werent necessary anymore.

(all earlier wdtv’s had heat sinks, the new ones don’t, and as a result the devices can get quite hot now)