Wd Tv Live streamer losing connection to shares

ok i had my meaia player for about week now and nearly everyday day i have to either restart it from setting or turn off at power because it loses connection and will not show any shares up at all any ideas to fix this


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I have the same issue too and posted it on this forum yesterday. Are you getting this message " No media in the current folder" or something like it. 

Have you checked the shared are not in “stand by” mode while SMP is trying to access the shares. 

Will be keen to know if there is a solution. 

I have similar probelm. Sometimes network shares are gone and I have to do a factory reset to get it to work again. But the biggest problem right now is that mkv files freez and when you restart the unit and try another file, the scene which freezed apears and nothing more happens… Factory reset again… Then maybe I manage to watch to episode of a tv-series and then it freezes again…

Starting to get a bit tired of this…

yer mate that issue i get no media in current folder no  my shares arent going in standby well i dont think kinda bit annoying at times cheers for ya response

When the connection is lost and you can’t get it back, there is no need to do a factory reset. I’ve found it to sufficient to go to Settings -> Network and select the last option, reset the login information for network shares. After you do this and you try to access your network shares again you will be prompted for a username/password.

Having said that, it is a very annoying problem and I hope one that will be resolved soon!

yer i hope it get fixed soon hopefully it just a firmware issue or something but just cycle the power works best for me 

Had the same situation here.  I have two of these units one connected by cat5e lan cable and the other wirelless.  The problem only occurred in my wireless connected unit.  Once I hooked a wire to it - no problems.  I’m not sure if it is the wifi dongle overheating or if it is some interference causing fluctatining connection; eitherway, the fix seems to be putting the unit on a wire.

I am having this issue either wired or wireless.  Simply trying to use the unit for digital signage at a church…looping a single video.  Video loops for a while and then stops, with the spinning circle on a black screen. 

Re-connecting to the network does not get it back, ony a reset will work.

WDTV Live with the latest firmware connected to a BlackArmor NAS with Media Server enabled.

There are a number of reason for loosing connections, most have nothing to do with the receiving device. WiFi uses the same frequencies used by so many other devices including cordless phones, Mobile Phones, TV Remotes, Fluorescent bulbs, Microwave ovens, Wii, PSP and so on. What you can do is change the channel in your WiFi modem/router (see modem manual) Try channel 1 to 6 as the lower numbers seem to have the least inference problems. Make sure the WD TV device is away from those other devices mentioned. Add an external aerial to your WiFi modem, keep the WD TV is as close direct line of sight to the modem. If the WD TV is in another room consider moving an external modem aerial to a more central part of the house. these moves may reduce the problem but with any WiFi constant connection is never 100%

Thanks for the ideas and suggestion, but this happens whether connected wired or wirelessly, or even in different locations (all with solid wireless signal strength) in the building.

I am now planning on running tests with another device and the BlackArmor NAS…maybe it is the culprit, even though just using shares and not the media server functionality results in the same behavior.

You are not alone.  This has been an issue since this product was released.  Tons of threads like this, still unresolved:


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This is happening to me too.  Got a new router recently (dual band Netgear N600, 300+300MB, router with aDSL modem built in).   

The day I installed the router, I was very happy to find that the WD TV SMP now recognizes and streams video off my desktop PCs on my home network (WORKGROUP).

Then, a day later, it stopped connecting to the folders.  I came here, read a few posts about people with this problem, and how they reset the device to factory settings to fix it.  Not a very good fix, but I’ll take what I can get at this point, so I tried that.  

Now, it sees my shared files, but when I play them, they stutter!  High quality MKVs as well as low quality Xvids!!!  No excuse for this, and it stutters regardless whether it’s connected to the dual band wifi, or plugged into the gig ethernet port.  Ridiculous!

I’ve had this unit since December and it’s been nothing but problems!  Now, not only do I have to deal with 2 youtube apps that doen’t work period, a Netflix app that randomly logs me out, and freezing forcing me to unplug the unit over 50% of the time whenever I plug in my 3TB external HDD.  

Will WD address any of these issues, or did I make a mistake purchasing this set top?

edit:  So I guess when I get home from work, I’ll see if the factor reset rolled back my firmware.  Am I really going to have to do a factory reset and update firmware every time this thing screws up in some regard, which is mutliple times a day?