***Hub Network Share Issues - "No media in Folder" - "Can't connect to Share" ***

Greetings. My apologies for yet another connectivity thread. I’ve been reading through these topics and it seems like everything is scattered all over the place. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction?

I got my Hub a few weeks ago and it’s running the latest firmware.

The biggest issue I have is it continuously loses the network shares. I’ll have everything working and be able to watch movies for a day then next time I turn it on it’ll give me a “No media in Folder” or “Can’t connect to Share” error message.

The only solution to this problem is unplugging the hub, resetting my win7 server, and plugging back in the hub. It then works for a bit then cuts out again.

While one share is giving me issues i’m able to log into another share (my desktop) and access files. This leads me to believe it’s an issue somewhere between the server and hub as my desktop and server network settings are the same (to my knowledge).

Any advice on the best way to troubleshoot this problem? Maybe we could consolidate all the network issues into one thread for consistancy.



have you tried to reset the unit under the front usb port  use a paperclip for 1 sec