WD TV Live, problems with Network shares. Can't find the files in the folders

I just bought a WD TV Live. The first time I connected it, it worked perfectly, but then after 1 week, my files disappeared.

I tryed everything on my computer and updated the device, but nothing helped. Then I found out that if I put the files in the C:\Users\Public, I find them all on the Public folder on the WD TV Live. The public folder is on another hard drive, so I don’t really want to use that, so can someone please explain to me why I can’t find my files when I put them on the D: hard drive? I find the folder on the WD TV Live, but the files aren’t there.

I have a similar issue.  The only diffeence is mine worked the first day, didn’t work the second (but I could see the files you are talking about).  Then I got it to work again for a few days and now it doesn’t.  Very frustrated because when it works, it is wonderful.  But I don’t have time to keep googling to figure out what in the heck is wrong.  

I have had a similar experience with this device as well.  Found network shares sometimes, then none, then a few.  Can’t find files in folders when it does find shares.  Never found DLNA compliant media servers (when my DLNA compliant Denon and Samsung products do).  Extremely disappointing considering this is the reason I bought this in the first place.

I really, really wanted this device to work, but it’s networking and DLNA features are junk.  Western Digital, you have 29 days to release firmware to make this right, or it goes back to Amazon.com.


Yeah, this is very frustrating. Im considering to deliver it back to the shop I bought it as well. Anyone here maybe know how to fix it?

That’s odd. Mine seems to work just fine with shares, though I’ll admit I mainly use a media server rather than Samba shares.  What operating system are you running that’s having problems?

Also, what DLNA servers have you tried? And, what firmware are you running?

I am using Windows 7 64-bit to record TV shows using Windows Media Center, which is also serving as my media server.  The entire reason I bought the WD Live (has latest firmware) was to provide streaming of these recorded shows to my TV.  The TV, a Samsung UN55B7000 was SUPPOSED to be able to do this, but its network and DLNA support is also garbage.

My Denon AV-3310CI receiver (DLNA capable)  finds my computer just fine, consistently, and streams audio from it flawlessy.  If it could do video, I wouldn’t even be here…

I have an Asus O!Play on the way to see if that works any better.  If not, looks like I’ll need to step up to Popcorn Hour…


Im using Win 7. 64 bit. Newest firmware on WD TV Live.

Didn’t try any other DLNA servers…

I find that when it can’t find shares, even with a reboot, go into network settings and into the option for network settings and then have it automatically find settings - basically do a ipconfig.  :) works for me.  Obviously that isn’t going to help if you use static ip.

I suspect it wont help much as well if you have wireless but worth a try.

I have tryed that. That didn’t help.

But I can find files in the Network Shares, but I can only find the files I put into the public file on the C: hard drive where windows is…  Can’t find the files I put on D: hard drive, or any other folder on the C: hard drive.

After a fresh reinstall of Windows I had similar issues in that my WD TV Live wouldn’t pick up my networked hard drives over LAN.

I checked the forums…like this one, and tried many different  possible solutions, including renaming files and drives and resetting the WD player with a paper clip but no luck.

My cure? I unplugged the power from the back of the unit, disconnected the LAN cable, and gave it a minute, reconnected things, fired it up, and it immediately detected my  two drives with my media. A couple of other little glitches were cured by a hard reset,