WD TV Live None Plus, Choppy Playback

Out of the box this thing was amazing when I picked it up some 9 months ago. From the time the first firmware upgrade came down I haven’t been able to play video from it. The videos of any type are slow and choppy. We talking slideshows speeds here…Either wireless or hardwired.  Also it seems to drop wireless network settings from time to time and have to reset the box before it picks up again. None of these issues came along until that first upgrade some 9 months ago.

So I shelved it after two firmware upgrades didn’t fix the problems.

I decided to give it one more shot after retiring it for some months. Fired it back up and installed the latest firmware 1.06.15. The same problems still exist. 

Should I RMA this thing or are their probable solutions to fix it? 

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If you’re convinced that the problems are with the unit itself, then RMA it (if you can) as it sounds like a HW problem.

FWIW, I stream high bitrate videos to both of my units and they play fine, so I wouldn’t expect that a FW update is going to fix your problems.

That being said, you’re sure the issue isn’t with either your network, media server, or the files you’re trying to stream, right?

I actually rolled back to zero day out of box firmware and it works A-OK

For my money’s worth I am content with out of box firware. Am I missing something with the latest and greatest? I do not have a Netflix account and I have Pandora on just about every multimedia medium that I own so I am cool without that.

Lots of new stuff came out. It’s possible that the files you have are not technically compatible, and that firmware was “accidentally” compatible with your files. If your in the US I’d recommend doing an advanced RMA - if the replacement fixes the issue, your good to go. If it doesn’t send back the replacement.

Another thing to try is to re-encode one of your files to a different file format to see if that resolves your issue. If it does, the issue is almost definatly with the encoding on the videos and not the player itself.

I’m assuming you’ve tried with a different media source, router, etc. ?