New wd tv live major issues

well after googling the problems ive had i wish i ddint buy this unit

anyway new out of box turned on but would not connect to wifi or cable network

found wifi ok just would not get ip

orig firmware was 110 i think

upgraded to 113 made it worse

would restart all the time

managed to downgrade to 104 after a day or cursing at it

now i get ip and can stream but it drops out after 20 or 30 minutes

will try cat 5 cable to see if its wifi router playing up

but my main question is

should i take it back and get a better unit

i should have paid more and just gotten a second ps3 which is a media server aswell

as i already have one and it never crashes like the wd tv

and also since ive downgraded firmware to the 104 should i keep going back up in firmwares

untill it plays up again then go back to best working one

or should i leave it on 104

not very happy with wd stuff

their ide hard drives were ok but the new stuff is utter pooo

This was being discussed in the ISSUES section, and most users followed up that the problem has gone away. Probably an issue with WDs servers.

Hi  sideshow10

What an unliucky day to buy the WDTV.  Except for this latest really annoying glitch I have found this unit excellent.  I’ve had one for about a year now.   I hope yours has recovered as mine as everyone elses seems to have.   


well ive goten it to work ok enough not to have to return it

straight out of box it was not doing anyhting with the network

when i upgraded it was a file from WD and it was 1.13 

i see the latest upgrade is 1.12   so i dont kno wwhat update i got

maybe it was another country or maybe something else WD sell

so its half my fault but all this started due to it not working right out of the box

but there is so much electronics **bleep** made in china these days i guess there is

a higher percentage or problems

anyway back to my unit

with 113 update it kept restarting

after 20 attemps it actually read the usb with the 104 update

that got me working again and i had network and wifi

well this morning i decided to let the unit update itself

since i had internet now

well update was 112 so now it seems to work ok

just that after 20 or 30 minutes my seagate go flex which plugs directly into my router

drops out so im not sure if its my netcomm router with wifi problems as i know if the

wifi gets bombared i think the router cant handle it

so next thing will be to hook up hard drive direct to wd tv live

or hook up the wd tv live direct to router thru cat5 that way im not relying on wifi

anyway its passable for now

i have the ps3 working thru the wifi as media server on other tv too

it doesnt drop out as much so i will use the ps3 as a comparison for the drop outs

i dont really want to be buying new router if thats the problem

we have enough electronics **bleep** these days

ipads iphones tivo ps3 etc etc  no wonder electricity bill is high

maybe ill buy a cheap 150 gig usb ext hard drive to just plug into the wd tv live