WD TV LIVE - network issues

I have this WD TV LIVE in my bedroom, i have attached it to (wired) - NetGear WN2000RPT. My main router is netgear WN3500L. ( iP

I am able to get signal for my wifi devices in my room ( android phones) and I did setup the wd tv live, and checked internet connection, and it shows as connection passed.

IP -




The problem is i am not able to access the files ( shared folders ) on my PC.

Earlier i had WD TV livewire which was working fine . But i had to use a repeater for wifi. So help me out guys

If your main router’s IP is, then I would wonder why the WD is using the gateway address of

They should match.

What device on your network is using the address

Ok, It was a silly mistake on my part. After powering up the netgear 2000RPT, i had to finish setting it up(initial setup). Hence it did not connect to my network. Now that has been done and everything is working fine.

What device on your network is using the address - it is the netgear 2000RPT