WD TV Live Hub with WIFI Adapter


I have a WD TV Live Hub Media Center and I bought a Wifi Adapter D-Link Xtreme N Dual Band USB adapter DWA-160

but not working. Is not appear any windows with Wireless configuration.

Can you help me?



You can see WD’s official list of compatible WiFi adapters here  http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5688

Yours appears to be on the list but do you have the exact version/revision in the list? It has to be the same or else find an exact WiFi adapter in the list. 

My wifi adapter is Dlink DWA160 B2,

such as an adapter that does not support the exact model, but with a different revision (A2 x B2) is ridiculus, honesty is very poor the list of supported devices and brands.
Do You know whether it is possible that the new revisions of the adapters that manufacturers are updated can be supported, because you can not buy devices out of date.

best regards.

I have seen them update the list from time to time… Its pretty easy to find most of them (if your not sure if its an exact revision ask them to open the box in the store), at least here in the US.  The best suggestion is to bring the list with you to Best Buy or whatever you have and let them sort it out for you.


This is my first post here and the problem I have is the same as Ari’s.

Yesterday I’ve bought WD Live Hub and so far I’m thrilled with it, above all with its extensive codec support. However, I’ve also bought D-Link N-150 wireless adapter (DWA-125) - it was the cheapest WiFi dongle from the list of supported adapters which I was able to find here in Croatia - and it was only after I came home and tried to connect the device to the network that I’ve noticed that it has revision number “A3” instead of “A2” from the official list of supported adapters.

So my question is basically this: would it be too complicated for WD technicians to tweak the WD Live Hub’s software in such a way that it works with new revisions of previously supported wireless adapters, and include those adjustments in future firmware release? I don’t believe that the changes between different versions of same adapters are so radical that it would demand much work from WD. It would make choosing the right adapter easier and less likely to go wrong.

Thank you very much in advance.

It may be as radical as a different chipset in the adaptor.

Its pointless to do this IMO. I am 3 purchases down and none of it works. If they wanted Wifi in WDTV LH they should have built it in. 

I have a Linksys WUSB600N up and running since quite some time and it works fine. I’ve used many firmwares and luckely still works however i don’t think you can still buy it in the shops.