Wireless adapters that work with new firmware version 1.06.43_V

Hi there,

I’ve bought a wireless lan adapter so that I was able to connect it to the WD TV Live, I checked the list and its said that this device would work (D-Link DWA 140), but now I’ve connected and nothing happened.

I’ve got firmware version 1.06.43_V on my WD TV live and the D-Link DWA 140 has firmware 2.0.

I know that on the list of compatible devices the D-Link DWA 140 has firmware 1.3 and that the WD TV live firmware tested was 1.06.15_V, but even so, is there any way for this to work?
Any workaround?

If this is not possible, then what wireless lan adapter works with my current WD TV LIVE settings/firmware??

Please help!!


You need to make sure that the revision/version also matches, in your case it should be V1.30.