D-Link DWA 140 - I made a mistake

 First I must apologise if I put my request for help in the wrong section ,

I have recently purchased a D-Link DWA 140 wireless adapter that’s V 2.00

I now realize I should have bought one with Version V 1.3 for it to work on my WDTV live

is there any way of rolling it back to version V 1.3


I would say No.


Thanks for the comment ,  had a funny feeling that there was going to be nothing I could do :cry:

I really don’t want to take the risk and buy another DWA 140 , only to find its not the 1.3 version .

Im in the same boat, this is really sick. Thay release a new box and don´t care about the existing. Thats how you get  satisfied customers!

I have tested a couple of other USB adapters but there is none that runes as old versions that is on the compability list.