WD TV Live Hub does not see my NAS

I just bought the WD Live Hub and did all the firmware upgrades.

I have a QNAP TS-509 on the network, running TwonkyMedia. When I select “Media Server” as a content source, it finds Twonky and can play content no problem.

But if I select “Network Share” as the content source, it doesn’t see my NAS. At least I don’t think so because here’s my setup and what it displays as available network shares:

  1. On my network, I have a PC called, for example, “MyHome-PC” and the NAS is called “MyHome-NAS”

  2. When I select “Network Share”, WD TV Live Hub displays two entries: “MyHome-PC” and, strangely, just “MyHome”. I’m assuming the second one is my QNAP, but when I try to log on, it fails with invalid username/password, so I don’t reallyl know what it is trying to connect to.

  3. My shares are accessible fine from Windows and I map drive letters to them no problem.

Any idea as to what I am doing wrong?


Nusaram,  if you are using IE9 please visit the link below:


Thanks for the tip!