WD TV Live cannot see some folders on NAS

I have two WD TV Live Streaming.  I use them to access a QNAP NAS for movies stored in the QNAP default Multimedia folder.  The QNAP NAS runs Twonky but normally I use the WDs to access the NAS shares directly.  Until very recently, the WDs were working well via either Twonky or Network Shares.  Now one continues to work well but the second will find my movies via Twonky but cannot see the Multimedia folder when using the Network Share method.  I “believe” the two WDs have the same settings throughout.  I have re-booted the troublesome WD including power cycling and rebooted the router - all without success.  Am I missing something obvious?

HAve you tried reloading the nas firmware then resetting the network?

I noticed that the store bought nas firmware gets rather flacky over time.

If I had to guess, I would bet your WDs are using two different accounts to log in.

I have QNAP NASes as well, and I deliberately do exactly what you’re describing.