WD TV Live - firmware 2.02.32 corrupt?

I have a WD TV Live. It alerted me it wanted to upgrade the firmware from 2.01.86 to 2.02.32.

I tried downloading it directly via the WD TV LIve, but it failed over and over again due to a network error. Then I downloaded the new firmware via PC and inserted a USB stick. It started to upgrade, finished the cycle, rebooted and started to upgrade again (since the USB was still in). I waited for the second cycle to finish and WD TV Live to reboot, then I removed the USB but it displayed an error window saying in many languages that I should connect a USB with the firmware. So, if the USB is in, the upgrade goes on and on, and if USB is out, it wants the USB with the firmware.

Then I downloaded the old firmware, 2.01.86 for the rollback, but WD TV Live doesn’t recognise these files at all and doesn’t start the upgrade as with the 2.02.32 version.

I also tried resetting it, but nothing happens no matter how I poke the little hole with the paperclip. It keeps shoing the “Insert USB with firmware” error screen.

So now I have a piece of useless junk, that used to be WD TV Live, and I am not sure whether to lose more nerves with it or simply throw it away and buy a decent media player.

Any help will be appreciated.

If you have 2.02.32 then you should be posting in the Live Streaming forum. At any rate I hope this is where you got the “roll back” firmware: How to roll back the firmware on a WD TV Live Hub Media Center, WD TV Live Streaming Media Player, or WD TV Media Player

Thanks, you’re right. Do I open the topic there or do the administrators move it?

And secondly, yes, all my firmware is from WD support pages, so there is nothing wrong with it.